How to Choose an HMO

It's important to investigate carefully when choosing an HMO -- before you join.

You are only attractive to an HMO when you are healthy, bringing in premiums but not costing them money.

If you find out once you are sick and expensive that your HMO is a lemon, guess how upset they will be if you decide to change to some other HMO?

One of the reasons health insurance is causing so much controversy is that it is a free-market product in which the market -- patients -- have had little to do with evaluating price or quality. One of the purposes of this site is to provide some of the information patients need to make more informed choices, and therefore, to influence the market to provide products that informed people will find superior.

Remember, premiums come out of the employee's total compensation, whether they are paid by the employer or a separate paycheck deduction. It's your money, money that could have been used to pay you a higher salary, so decide how you want it spent.



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